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Wiring Harness Technician

Wire Harness Technicians build electrical wiring harnesses and cables used in SurePoint products and for other customers. Responsibilities include: cutting, stripping, crimping, and looming of wires or cables as required in the assembly processes. The technician will also be responsible for the final assembly and testing of harnesses. Accuracy and attention to detail are very important in this job. Good manual dexterity is required to place wires properly in electrical connectors that may hold up to 50 wires. No wiring or electrical experience is required; we will train. Starting wage is $15 per hour, plus weekly production incentive. There is also an annual bonus plan.

Harness Braiding Technician

Harness braiding is a process where a braiding machining weaves a super durable web around the wiring harness. Braiders learn the art and method of braiding to create an attractive finished wiring harness. Braiders also learn minor maintenance and upkeep of braiding machines. No experience required. Starting wage is $15 per hour, plus weekly production incentive. There is also an annual bonus plan.

Controller Room Technician

This individual is responsible for the final assembly, programming, troubleshooting, and commissioning of electronic control devices. To accomplish that, they must be able to read and comprehend detailed instructions and follow established procedures. The role includes collecting materials and equipment needed to begin the process, reporting issues or malfunctions to the supervisor, performing quality checks on all devices before shipping to the customer, and aligning material and combining parts to build more complex units.


Interested candidates should be able to read schematics, wiring diagrams, drawings, etc. Preference will be given to candidates with a 2-year technical associate's degree, but a high school diploma is the minimum requirement. Knowledge of Windows and Microsoft Office is essential. Successful candidate will have good communication skills, be able to listen to verbal instructions, and be willing to work 8 hours on repetitive tasks while sitting or standing for long periods of time.

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